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Published: 2021-10-17

I love playing BSC prediction markets but I don't love the Pancake Swap interface.

If you're using an account that has a long bet history, you'll notice that the default app is almost unusable. The format is terrible for analysis and the refresh is too infrequent. So I built BSC Predict to address these problems.

The main improvement I hope to make over Pancake Swap Prediction Markets is playability and tools for analysis. BSC Predict the same contract so you'll have the same depth and payoff as you do when playing on Pancake Swap. BSC Predict does not take a cut, and I am unaffiliated with Pancake Swap.

Open by design

BSC Predict is open source.

Not only that, but all round data is available in csv format for analysis. It gets updated every minute or so its up to date. In future blog posts I hope to go over analysis and strategy.


Whenever you use any defi service, it's important to know what contract you're interacting with. You can do that by reviewing the source and looking at the contract from Meta Mask when you call a transaction. Make sure its 0x18B2A687610328590Bc8F2e5fEdDe3b582A49cdA

prediction contract

Feel free to react out at contact@bscpredict.com if you have any questions or check out About section for more information on the product.

Be careful out there and good luck!