How much has PancakeSwap made from predictions?

Published: 2021-11-19

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All of the round data referenced below can be downloaded from here. The data is part of a project that downloads round data periodically and uploads the csv.

PancakeSwap predictions are obviously popular. They're the only game in town for defi-betting. Believe me, I looked. There are a few clones but they have near zero volume. Even Augur has tiny volume. Check it out yourself, oh unless of course you live in the US in which case its blocked. So much for decentralized finance.

PancakeSwap predictions is a rare thing. Extremely popular from the beginning and continues to be popular today. PancakeSwap must be doing well, but how well?

As of 2021-11-19 the treasury fee collected on PancakeSwap prediction contract v2 19,574 BNB or around $11 million since inception (at a $560 BNB price). Not that v2 of the contract was release on 2021-08-25, or less than three months ago. They're making nearly ~$3.5 million a month. That's a hell of a profit for a beta version.

Their biggest treasury fees were with draws, which happened 48 times! That's only 0.2% of the time, but it's still something. In a draw, everyone loses and the treasury takes the entire pot. In the rounds that ended with a draw, PancakeSwap made 664 BNB or ~$438,000.

Running predictions has some expenses. Mostly hosting and calling the contract. To execute a round, it costs around $3.50 (no, seriously), there have been ~21,500 rounds so that's around $73,000. Hosting is insignificant.

I gladly contribute my share to the treasury fee, knowing that they consistently bring volume to the game. I wish they had a better website, but that's what BSC Predict is here for.

But they need to get their shit together when it comes to the games going down periodically, or issues with The Graph that make the leaderboard useless or outdated. Also think about lowering the treasury fee to encourage more people to play or at least extend the dollar to play more games.

I think I'll start releasing the leaderboard in the next week or so. In the meantime, here's the updated leaderboard for 2021-11-19

accountgames playedwonwon USDWinnings Even MoneyAverage bet size
0x4378922d6e63e60825796d583e516d469dcd074b332 127.3572,595.0622.85 1.54
0xb4eef1e7c6e571d088e1b1e5b6dd7e2f66bea1dd18 118.5067,546.30 11.74 9.44
0x3c7a328f62493b6038dcb381f9766ed0500532b08043 101.6357,929.30 301.710.45
0x7f5a7a38b94e815b13a4e0703b62e4ed5f122bfa382 101.6157,921.29 37.29 1.67
0x9cfbdbc1561b1e9eb3183d74d847dce9b53ae5906095 97.9955,859.56 8.16 0.83
0xf200cd8a5d5ddae2a78adf5d96f9a751e162a43b337 93.0453,038.18 26.30 1.55
0xd644d86fa47e8eca6674ff550ac8cb36403756dd487 84.7048,283.65 67.08 0.90
0x3c27a7e1df874aeecc9b500f7d90cb837697010a3210 79.5245,328.39 279.920.24
0xa5d5baea7c48eb8aaca1cb166cecc7057cb11a4b331 70.4140,135.04 37.03 1.68
0x3cab96a6c76921237a046cff59b22c2b0a5d88712714 65.8737,549.49 149.520.33

Good luck and bet responsibly!