Market Update for Week 2022-05-16

Published: 2022-05-22

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Crypto still hurting

Crypto prices are still hurting although I'm thinking we hit bottom. Bitcoin has been bobbing around 30k. I think the liquidations that would have been triggered have already been triggered. We're a few thousand away from our recent low so there's some cushion there. But that doesn't matter much since a whole new spiral can get triggered at any time. The annoying thing was that there wasn't enough time between the last market spiral and this one to have crypto prices recover enough. But that's just the way it is.

Martin Shkreli got out of prison and he's on twitter from a halfway house. Earlier his profile said he was involved in web3, although that has changed. It's very cryptic, fun to follow. He doesn't even use his own name and obviously he isn't verified so it's kind of an inside joke. Web3 and crypto is still very much the wild west attracting all sorts of villains!

Speaking of villains, Jordan Belfort, or the Wolf of Wallstreet is ... you guessed it, shilling NFTs! As if you needed any more red flags that NFTs are kind of scammy. I read some other NFT horror stories this week. One story was about a court in Singapore blocking the sale of an NFT due to a disagreement. You know what they say, not your key not your ape.

I still get annoyed how Bitcoin is lumped in with NFTs and web3 vaporware, but I can only hope that Bitcoin falls less and recovers more during all the turbulence, leaving shitcoins and other projects less and less relevant. Over the last few months I've been growing into a bit of a bitcoin maximalist. I still love the games and tech behind things like Ethereum and BSC, but I'm still waiting on something that really gets me excited. Predictions were like that but they haven't really grown or been copied since they started. It's still in "Beta", whatever that means. There's no new tokens and no meaningful competition. I guess people are making more money shilling new shitcoins and NFTs.


Last week we saw a lot of volume out of nowhere. It coincided prices falling off a cliff, so I guess the fiat value didn't move much. This week we saw a pull back from volume in the games but it still high for this year.

Here's the history since v2 of the games began (red lines are stoppages).

Winners and Losers

Placeaccountgames playedwonwon USDWinnings Even MoneyAverage bet size
10xc8923536f8c1a348f15e87315740bb5933aeb4c9 37 40.83 12,249.0 1.02 3.48
20x75977e22f0e662c9f116b1b8a47b6941cf64deac 227 38.55 11,564.0 6.4 1.6
30x18cbfeeb079aa7d9498a292198825fabd7b0028b 962 37.53 11,260.0 77.0 0.41
40x4d9eded14307c78842df2d6a2e984992b3df2807 757 34.32 10,297.0 76.98 0.45
50xa8decb37e9a0dbde16d7d781ffa44ff1ebb84c2c 69 33.74 10,123.0 12.87 2.12
60x7e819b4461d3e5fde382fded761b0a50fecf146e 850 28.54 8,563.0 36.44 0.39
70xf9bdd2cca95a603c25a2e5f29ac87ae9fcfc96d8 653 27.11 8,133.0 71.14 0.4
80xdd8988b390e746285384c444ea086fb11f6b4dd4 31 24.39 7,317.0 1.7 6.87
90xdaa5d251fd234aac23a9483d4c0abc1da78cf750 925 24.23 7,269.0 46.19 0.44
100x98eabead9f516565903226df25a20575f7e583c8 682 23.517,052.0 31.46 0.52

Another unimpressive week. Our top guy took in 40 BNB, a respectable haul. But I remember seeing a 100 BNB winners regularly on the breakdown. Some algo bots had a pretty good performance but nothing to write home about.

Let's look at the losers

Placefromgames playedwonwon USDWinnings Even MoneyAverage bet size
10xc1f265e222c5a4b6c8c536f9cc138c648518b6ac 201 -358.95 -107,684.0 -63.24 4.32
20xf2baeb78c076d428dad24bf6ff52a7ba5ac16832 99 -239.51 -71,854.0 -21.3 4.41
30xcf3255ce99ccce6d5e74de3007989914ec1a6439 46 -91.7 -27,509.0 -12.96 6.74
40xb4c4f4350f1006d96711f7c7e04ae8f9239c89ac 12 -75.62 -22,685.0 -6.73 11.71
50x63844d978799754de7d4e7401e9950ad70f62405 496 -55.43 -16,628.0 -3.74 2.4
60x2563e690da0b98d1d3e4d03a99d8b2a75c2a7e32 822 -54.01 -16,203.0 -13.43 1.43
70x7f9f833f28ae5f5afa7a9714c9958cde3ec6f7aa 296 -41.22 -12,366.0 -14.28 2.05
80xbbb90a96f758ce57347137138e55151afd07f299 230 -39.22 -11,765.0 -3.04 1.91
90xad483dc8c4482eafdbebbc98ea66a89e461cfbd9 793 -37.42 -11,226.0 -43.0 0.74
100xaa46e2a592bd06fb640ed38cd54732fe3ba358ec 255 -35.85 -10,756.0 -5.06 1.73

I thought last week was crazy with our top loser blowing 277 BNB (over two weeks). But this week our top loser blew 359 BNB in just over 200 bets! He showed up once before on 2022-04-03 with a loss of 47 BNB. His total losses are nearly 500 BNB or $158k!

He lost the equivalent of 63 games but his bet size was very large, which means its really bad. I thought he would be up there on the biggest losers of all time, but he's not even in the top 5!

Placefromgames playedwonwon USDWinnings Even MoneyAverage bet size
10xc8923536f8c1a348f15e87315740bb5933aeb4c9 2,763 -1,628.27 -488,480.0 -152.96 5.85
20xc46cf5e7a4d11b9f1f9c86c02ed5a7fc6a119c92 19,224 -926.3 -277,889.0 -584.61 0.89
30x32a7ca42d196289518b03fbb5ecfc4f5f3505bb9 32,46 -749.12 -224,737.0 -83.99 5.02
40xad483dc8c4482eafdbebbc98ea66a89e461cfbd9 13,637 -711.18 -213,355.0 -524.06 1.17
50x7f9f833f28ae5f5afa7a9714c9958cde3ec6f7aa 6,842 -634.87 -190,462.0 -273.68 1.72
60xc1f265e222c5a4b6c8c536f9cc138c648518b6ac 2,303 -480.86 -144,258.0 -132.67 3.06
70x0ff14f1dbdea689e26e4fd698f80c22b627a3e9d 3,422 -462.78 -138,834.0 -115.18 1.43
80x41d0fd0112b038494a4e4cfdd48afef776f47214 13,056 -412.85 -123,854.0 -241.51 0.79
90x5915b3bde351bc873566c868786eb4d5699d6f95 12,930 -395.9 -118,769.0 -222.42 0.46
100xd7c43e980e63096e3c7c524335e692ce54614948 6,118 -392.22 -117,665.0 -185.39 1.17

Unsurprisingly, the top losers are algo bots. The #2 largest loser doesn't even bet large! I mean, I wouldn't recommend betting 0.9, but still, its not completely crazy. Although if you're down 900 BNB, I would argue your ideal bet size should be 0.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Anyone else excited for summer?

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Good luck and bet responsibly!