Introducing CAKE Lottery

Published: 2021-12-31

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Today we're proud to introduce CAKE lottery. It's the same lottery you know and love on PancakeSwap (same contract) with a new interface and some new features.

CAKE Lottery

This game is in PancakeSwap's CAKE token, so you'll need some CAKE to buy tickets. You can buy CAKE on PancakeSwap.

On the top header you'll see your balance in CAKE and time remaining for the next lottery. The next lottery will be the first box (Lottery 361).

On each lottery you'll see the bracket, the reward for each winning ticket, total rewards allocated and number of winners for each bracket. Brackets are just how many numbers you tie. For instance, if you match only the first number, you're in bracket 1. If you match first 2, you're in bracket 2, and so on. You can see more info on how the game works on my blog post about the game or on the PancakeSwap documentation.

You can buy tickets by clicking BUY TICKETS on the upcoming lottery.

You can see previous lotteries in the boxes below. You can always load more historical lotteries by clicking SHOW MORE

Getting started

In order to buy lottery tickets with CAKE you need to enable the contract to spend your CAKE. Again, its the same contract as the one used by PancakeSwap. If this is your first time playing, you'll see and Enable button when you try to buy tickets. This doesn't buy any tickets, just enables you to purchase tickets.

Enable CAKE

You only have to do this once. Once enabled, then you can buy tickets.

Pick your own numbers

This version lets you pick your own numbers or randomly generate any number of tickets. Because why not? Just separate your numbers by commas or newlines. It'll only take your valid tickets (6 digits long, numbers only).

Pick your own tickets

To generate random tickets, just click a number on the Generate line. You can always edit them once they're picked.

Pick your own tickets

Checking your tickets

Once you have tickets, you can click the Bets button on the main lottery page. There you can see your historical bets. The Lottery dropdown will let you select the lottery, and see the winning numbers and any tickets you purchased.


If you won, you'll see the numbers that match highlighted in green and Claim will light up green if you haven't claimed those yet. The winners will always how up on top.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Since I claimed these winnings already, the Claim button isn't lit up.

And that's it!

I had a blast reviewing the lottery winners and losers in a previous post so I thought it would be fun to build this feature out as well. TLDR lottery is random, no one is gaming it, but its still fund to pick your own numbers!

It's a new product so please email me if you find any bugs or have anything questions or feature requests.

That's all for now so enjoy and bet responsibly!